Thank You Donors!



  • Clare Johnson and Dino Valaoritis, USA – architect and design team for shelter
  • Meni Constatinou, Australia – helped creating a curriculum for the local school that will be incorporated in the ‘values class’; script writing for the ‘doggy dog song’; and community outreach work
  • Michael Furhmann, Canada – Graphic and website designer and donation of one digital camera
  • Helen Stuart, Australia – Photographic work capturing images of the sick
    village dogs


  • Lucy Roberts, India
  • Ben Lee, USA
  • Valerie Oula, USA
  • Robert Karam, Canada
  • Michael Fuhrmann, Canada
  • Colby Bland, Canada
  • Dino Valaoritis and Clare Johnson, USA
  • Sylvia Schwenke, Germany
  • Paul Kirk, Australia
  • Miguel Regis, Canada
  • Natalie Cederquist and James Levin, USA
  • Paris Coburn, Australia
  • Douglas Vergotti Goncalves, Brazil
  • Individual employees from United Way, Canada
  • Debra and Philip Refson, USA
  • Gerry Robert LeRou, USA
  • Eléna Koutoulidis, France
  • Kurtis Staples-King, Canada
  • Elvia Gunther, USA
  • Students of Mattenzauber Yoga, Germany
  • Jessica Bilby, Australia
  • Esther Bernert, Germany
  • Cathy Samuel, Canada
  • Stacey Wright, USA
  • Lynn Schneider, USA
  • Anne Blumenauer, Germany
  • Joel Paris, USA
  • Meni Constatinou, Australia

UPDATE TO ALL DONORS The Franks Family Foundation has confirmed they will fund 50% of all on-going project costs providing the other 50% is raised by The Karma Dog Project. Not only will your generous donations be applied directly to fund wages for staff and buy food and medication for some very starving and sick animals, but your gift will also get us closer to securing the Franks Family Foundation grant!

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