About Us

The Karma Dog Project was established in April 2011 as an initiative of Sripuram, Sri Narayani Peedam, a spiritual park including several community health and education programs aimed to help the poor. 

WHERE we are located

Thirumalaikodi is a small village outside Vellore, Tamil Nadu, a state in Southern India. It is surrounded by mountains and lush scenic beauty. It is a sacred site and home to Sripuram, a spiritual park and sustainable community comprised of a fully functioning hospital, elementary and high schools, a waste treatment and recycling facility, a tree planting program, a feeding program for hungry people and several community and health outreach programs. Thirumalaikodi is home to humanitarian and esteemed spiritual leader Sri Sakthi Amma and the famous Golden Temple – the largest golden temple in the world.

The village is very unique, as it is a mixture of established rural village communities and a large migrant population of thousands of pilgrims from across India and abroad who visit Sripuram on a daily basis.

WHY we are needed

India is a country where animal welfare is desperately needed. And although there are several community development programs in Thirumalaikodi, aside from a shelter for unwanted cows, there is currently no infrastructure to help animals in need.

Unfortunately many animals, especially the stray dogs and cats live a terrible life. They are unwanted, diseased, starving, wounded, scared and on top are often treated without any respect or are even harmed on purpose.

The work of The Karma Dog Project aims to reduce suffering, to create a healthier and happier community- for animals and humans- and slowly to shift personal and cultural attitudes towards a more compassionate and respectful way of seeing and treating animals.

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WHAT our mission is

  • To promote the compassionate and respectful treatment of animals through education programs in local schools and communities.
  • Veterinary care, vaccinations and emergency aid for animals.
  • Nutritious food and fresh water for all animals in need.
  • Shelter and clinic space where animals can be treated, rehabilitated and even kept permanently if needed.
  • To reduce the stray dog and cat population through sterilization.
  • Adoption programs.